Join Peter & Kitra as they experience the latest & greatest rides and attractions in Disneyland or Universal Studios Hollywood. We also go to pop culture events, art shows, comic conventions and movie premieres. Learn about interesting overlooked details, like fun easter eggs (hidden Mickey's or fun and deep Star Wars references in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge) as well as tips to impress your friends on your next trip. And occasionally we'll travel to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, or other theme parks around the world. Come along with us on this adventure!

Kitra Remick

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Animal Caretaker

Kitra was born in Northern California.

She is an animal caretaker who loves to geek out over anything from Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad, Disney movies to Nintendo games.  She loves Wicket the Ewok and is a friend of all droids and cute creatures from a galaxy far far away.


She loves eating all the treats at Disneyland and has an addiction to Loungefly bags and any kind of cute blind box merch.


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Born in 2017, Gizmo believes he's a huge guard dog that should be feared, and in his spare time he loves to lick his humans, even when they aren't interested. He is cute but not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Peter Sciretta

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Peter was born in Natick, Massachusetts. 


He founded, a popular movie blog, and was once named one of the 100 most influential people in Hollywood by Total Film Magazine... what were they thinking?  He hosts a daily movie news podcast called /Film Daily.  


Peter is a Magician (Magic Castle member), a tabletop gamer and a member of the Hollywood Critics Association.  


Before /Film, he directed a feature film titled Escaping Reality. Peter is a huge Star Wars fan, and gets excited about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and theme parks.



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French Bulldog

Born in 2014, Pixel's favorite color is rainbow and for fun, she loves chasing a red laser-colored dot around the house. She loves everyone and is afraid of any sudden movements.




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